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Micro landscape
The micro-landscape is a form of landscaping that uses the hand-assembled production of real-world scenery, combined with appropriate aesthetic composition principles, in a miniature and exquisite way. The moss micro-landscape is an ecological miniature landscape made of green bryophytes, with foliage plants grown in similar environments and exquisite hand-made plants.

Moss micro landscape
The moss micro-landscape is a new type of desktop potted plant that is planted together with various landscaping dolls, such as bryophytes and ferns.

Moss introduction
The bryophyte is a small green plant with a simple structure that contains only the stems and leaves, sometimes only flat fronds, and no real roots and vascular bundles. The bryophytes prefer the dark and humid environment and the soft scattering of sunlight. It usually grows on bare stone walls or wet forests and marshes. In the evolution of the plant kingdom, bryophytes represent a gradual transition from aquatic to terrestrial. Moss is also called Moss or MOSS.

Production process (for more detailed tutorials, please refer to the micro landscape DIY tutorial manual produced by our store)
Production process Moss micro-landscape detailed production process: select the appropriate size of the container, first in the container to lay the water layer, buffer layer, culture soil layer planting the substrate; then put fresh moss, then plant the background plants, with decorative sand and The decorative stone is embellished, and finally it can be completed with suitable hand-made and accessories. In the process of production, follow the basic aesthetic composition principle, pay attention to the sense of space and perspective in the container. The composition generally follows the tightness and tightness. The design of the post-loose layout principle and the fusion of the edges of the scene are the key to enhancing the sense of space and beauty in the container.

Moss micro landscape component
The moss micro-landscape is mainly composed of moss, small foliage plants, water-repellent layer, culture soil, decorative sand, decorative stone, and accessories in glassware. The decoration is strong, which makes people feel comfortable, the production process is simple, and the potted plants such as moss are easy to grow.
Commonly used landscaping plants and accessories Moss micro-landscapes will use some plants and moss to match the landscaping. The landscaping plants generally include: wolftail fern, reticulated grass, Podocarpus, copper grass, and pocket coconut. These plants are beautiful in shape, green in color and have a growing environment similar to moss, preferring a high humidity environment. Especially ferns are most commonly used. The common moss micro-landscape, the accessory dolls for landscaping are mainly the character models in Miyazaki’s series of anime movies, especially the Totoro series dolls are the most common, the cute Totoro, the running Xiaomei, etc. are classic mosses. Micro landscape dolls. In addition, small mushrooms, sinkers, small fences, pebbles, river sands, etc. are commonly used accessories. These gadgets are just rightly applied to the mossy micro-landscape setting to capture the rich landscape.



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