Russia Ukrain House Water Leaking Detection System with Shut Off Valve DN15*2pcs and 3pcs Water Sensor Cable

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Russia Ukrain House Water Leaking Detection System with Shut Off Valve DN15*2pcs and 3pcs Water Sensor Cable







Package Content:

water detector control unit*1pc                  

1/2" Motorized Ball Valve*2pcs

6m Sensor Wire*3pcs          

EU Power Adaptor DC12V*1pc 


What you will get in package? Below is picture:




  • Water leak can cause large economic loss, to avoid expansion of damage caused by water leakage.

  • It will alarm as well as send out a sign to electric valve once the sensor detected water leaking

  • Electric valve automatically close the water power after received the sign

  • Provides reset switch to stop alarm

  • 2-meter wire with sensor for long distance detecting

  • Usually suitable for underground reservoir of high building SPA and so on. You can also place it near toilets, basements, washing machines, air-condition machines, refrigerators, dishwashers, sinks, aquariums, sump pumps, water heaters, and anywhere with potential water damage

  • Protects you home by keeping the leak alert anywhere water leak is a potential danger



  • Working Voltage: 12V Max.

  • Working Current: 80mA

  • Standby Current: 5mA

  • Alarm Startup Time: 1 second

  • Alarm Time: continue

  • Output Electric Potential: 100dBu

  • Valve Close Startup Time:1 second Valve

  • Open Startup Time: 1 second




Sump Pits, Dish Washes, Storage Rooms,Restaurants, Washing Machines, Ice Makers, Computer areas, Equipment rooms, Basement Walls, Sink/toilet, Warehouses, Elevator shafts, Air Conditioners, Windows,Kitchens, Parking Garages, Hot Water Tanks, Piping, Banquet Halls, Restrooms Dehumidifier, Floor Drains  



Top 5 Places to Install Water Leak Detector:

  • Under the Bathroom Sink

  • Behind a Leaky Toilet

  • Under a Dishwasher

  • By the Water Heater

  • Under the Refrigerator

Also widely used for swimming pool, air conditioner, hot water tanks, piping, washing machine, water treatment....



How to Use:

• Put the water sensor on the place where water leakage may happen

• Turn off the valve, and connect it to water pipe, to be sure the valve interface can not have leaks, then the valve connected to the central unit

• Connect central unit to the AC power(Power LED indicator will light up. Sound one beep and Sensor LED will light from Sensor 1 to Sensor 8), press the OPEN button to open the valve

• Once leakage happens, when the water touch the water sensor, the central unit will immediately sound warning tone and corresponding LED light up (until there is no detection of leakage, If more than one Sensor detected water leakage, all corresponding LED will also light up ), then the valve will automatically shut off

• User can repair the place where water leak happens according to the audible alarm, and press the RESET button to turn off the alarm

• After maintenance and all the leakage were repaired, press the OPEN button to open the valve (you can also press the CLOSE button to test if the valve is working properly). press Reset button and resume to Standby state

• Keep the water sensor flat where water leakage may happen after sopping up the water, the device can be recycled




  • Even the system without valve, the central unit will still operate, detect water leakage and sound warning tone

  • Central unit is not waterproof. Therefore please do not place the unit at where water may flow.

  • Do not place Sensor terminals on the metallic objects that may cause false warning sound.




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