Ulanzi DOF Adapter E Mount Full Frame Camera Lens Adapter Smartphone SLR/DSLR & Cinema Lens Adapter for iPhone Andriod Phones

Color: DOF adapter
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Ulanzi DOF Adapter E Mount Full Frame Camera Lens Adapter Smartphone SLR/DSLR & Cinema Lens Adapter

Ulanzi Phone case available, if need other phone case just contact us. iPhone: 8 plus/XR/XS/XS Max/11/11 Pro/ 11 Pro Max Huawei: Huawei mate 30, Huawei Mate 30 Pro, Huawei P30 Pro OnePlus 7 Pro Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus Note:To smart phone need 17mm interface phone case, Ulanzi phone lens and U-rig metal is compatible with it.

Compatible lenses

The main purpose of the DOF Adapter is to add a beautiful, real shallow depth-of-field and bokeh to your photos and videos. For the best results, we recommend using lenses that meet the following criteria: 1.Fast--There is some light loss when using the DOF Adapter. For the best results, we recommend using fast lenses with an aperture between f0.9 - f2.8, and opening your aperture as wide as possible. You can use lenses with a slower/closed aperture, but results may vary. 2.Full frame--The DOF Adapter is designed for full-frame lenses. 3.Manual/mechanical focus--Your lens needs to be able to focus manually without being attached to a DSLR camera body. Lenses rely on electronics or a camera body to focus are not compatible with the DOF Adapter. 4.Compatible lens mounts Direct mount Sony E Mount Manual lenses can be mounted directly onto the DOF Adapter Adaptable mount The following lenses can be mounted on the DOF Adapter with a simple adapter ring: Canon EF、Nikon F 、Nikon G 、Pentax K 、M42 Note: We will offer these adapter rings soon. Attention: Mirrorless and/or Micro Four Thirds lenses are not compatible with the DOF Adapter.

Mounting the DOF Adapter


The ULANZI DOF Adapter is an advanced smartphone SLR/DSLR & Cinema lens adapter. It allows you to use an SLR/DSLR & Cinema* lens with the powerful smartphone camera that you have in your pocket for an incredible bokeh, shallow depth-of-field and film-style look and the ability to pull focus manually like on professional cinema cameras. ULANZI DOF Adapter is a Sony E-Mount adapter, most of the full-frame manual lens can be used with the proper adapter rings to E mount. Note : 1. Only Full Frame Manual lens is compatible. 2. For best results, we recommend using fast lenses (f0.9-f2.8) 3. DOF adapter will decrease the quality of photos and videos taken with it 4. There may be visible texture, dimples and/or specks of the focusing screen on the image Vignetting, barrel distortion and chromatic aberration are common issues with any DOF adapter 5. The DOF adapter flips the image upside-down. Need Apps to use the DOF. Recommended Apps The DOF Adapter displays your image upside down. For the best experience, we recommend using one of the third-party apps below to flip the image back to normal while shooting:

Package content

ULANZI DOF adapter x 1 Lens Cap x 2 Adapter Bag x1

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